White Mulberry

White Mulberry

white mulberryThe White Mulberry plant is a small tree native to China, but also grown in parts of North America. The fruit of this plant, which are berries, grows in clusters like grapes. These clusters are called drupes. Not only is the fruit delicious and healthy, but many beneficial chemicals can be extracted from the roots, bark and leaves of the plant. Studies have shown that White Mulberry extract has a wide range of healthy properties!

White Mulberry extract treats a variety of ailments. Some of the popular benefits are its effects on controlling high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It has been shown to help aid in controlling diabetes. It helps fight the common cold and eases muscle and joint pain. It even helps to control things like constipation, dizziness, ringing in the ears, hair loss and premature graying of the hair.

The roots and root bark have anti-bacterial properties which help neutralize bacteria that can cause food poisoning and bacterial infections. The root bark is also used to treat cough, wheezing, fever, headache and gout and is shown to have anti-stress properties.

The berries can potentially help fight cancer, neurological diseases and stroke. They have powerful antioxidants that help lessen the effects of aging and are an excellent source of vitamin C, iron and minerals like potassium, manganese and magnesium.

White mulberry can be enjoyed many ways. You can eat the berries or add them to cereal or granola mix. Some parts of the plant can be freeze dried and added to food or recipes. It can be taken as a herbal supplement. White mulberry also makes a delicious cup of tea!

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